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Everyone eats. The foodservice industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past three decades. In such competitive market, brands must find as many avenues of differentiation as possible. Digital signage, from outdoor LED signage to indoor displays, can act as a major source of several key types of differentiation – from customer experience to branding to product education.


–Set You Apart

The most important application for Outdoor LED sign is brand enhancement- who you are and what you’re doing. Virtually is the best way to convey messages, such as: open hour, special meal and Happy Hour.


–Make Everything Look Appetizing

Digital media in the restaurant environment is nothing new, wall-mounted TV sets have been used as a news or sports station channel for years. For a restaurateur, having a TV set showing a football game or CNN breaking news will keep the attention of some diners, however, may or may not generate more revenue when you have customers with dwell time. Here, with digital signage, you have opportunity to engage all customers with beautiful food images, while they are making their purchasing decision. That allows the restaurateur to maximize the valued real estate.

Benefits for the consumer:

1. Increased understanding of the items offered by the restaurant

2. Improved order efficiency to reduce the burdens that long lines place on the consumer

3. An enhancement or introduction of entertainment in the dining experience

4. Improved communications between client and service provider, leading to greater ustomer satisfaction

Benefits for the restaurant:

1. Increased customer retention as a result of improved diner understanding and client/service provider relationship

2. Reduction in the number of staff required and a significant decrease in the associated training costs

3. Higher sales, resulting from improved order efficiency

4. A positive consumer perception of the dining environment

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