Standard Full Color Outdoor LED Signs

Product Profile

Upgrading to a GW ADMAX sign can help increase your business visibility in the community,rein in your advertising costs and boost your profits.ADMAX can be used for restaurants,retail stores,schools,hospitals,and gas stations. GRANDWELL ADMAX series products have many features:superb picture quality, high durability,low maintenance cost, aluminum frame,front access serviceable,ultra thin and light weight design,easy installation, low death rate,wide-view angle,and superior waterproof design.


  • Versatile mounting construction.
  • Maximum brightness and contrast.
  • High refresh rate
  • High resolution
  • Manual brightness control.
  • Real time clock & calendar.
  • PC controller included.
  • AdMax LED sign software included.
  • WiFi wireless connection
  • Direct PC via CAT5 cable.
  • Cable High Speed Internet connection.
  • DSL High Speed Internet connection.
GW-ADMAX is connected with WIFI communication (TCP/IP WLAN - wireless LAN) for easy wireless control. With a powerful embedded control system and embedded operation software, it can display not only text, but also colorful pictures and short video files. All displayed content is stored on an SD card and can be updated through TCP/IP (LAN). ADMAX is ideal forhighway billboards, roof billboards, restaurants,gas stations, and hospitals.
  • GW-F series P20-1-001
  • GW-F series P20-1-002
  • GW-F series P20-1-003
  • GW-F series P20-1-004
  • GW-F series P20-1-005
  • GW-F series P20-1-006
  • GW-F series P20-1-007
  • GW-F series P20-1-008
  • GW-F series P20-1-009
  • GW-F series P20-1-010
  • GW-F series P20-1-011
  • GW-F series P20-1-012
  • GW-F series P20-1-013
  • GW-F series P20-1-015
  • GW-F series P20-1-016
  • GW-F series P20-1-017
  • GW-F series P20-1-018
  • GW-F series P20-1-020

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  • GW-F series P20-001-video-006
  • GW-F series P20-001-video-005
  • GW-F series P20-001-video-004
  • GW-F series P20-001-video-003
  • GW-F series P20-001-video-002
  • GW-F series P20-001-video-001

Intelligent management, easy and convenient

Managing multiple displays via cable,3G,4G,WAN and LAN; One click to release,inter - cut,timing,update AD