Grandwell values our customers highly. In order for Grandwell to improve our level of quality, service, and value to you, we require all of our customers to pay for goods and service promptly. The following standard rules apply to all customers.




Customers must provide a fifty percent (50%) deposit to place an order into production. The remaining fifty percent (50%) balance is due prior to order shipment. All outstanding balances owed must be paid before items ship from the warehouse.

Credit Hold

Any invoice, sixty (60) days of age, is automatically placed on credit hold. Any existing orders will not be released and new orders will not be accepted until delinquent invoices are cleared up.

Past Due Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all invoices are payable net thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice. After thirty (30) days, unpaid invoices are marked PAST DUE. After sixty (60) days, the account is placed on CREDIT HOLD and marked DELINQUENT. After ninety (90) days, credit privileges are terminated.

Interest charges will be assessed on all invoices not paid within the specified terms at a rate of 1.5% per month or an annual rate of eighteen percent (18%). All delinquencies will be reported to credit bureaus and placed with our collection service. Customers will be liable for any court costs, attorney's fees and legal associated with collection of delinquent invoices. A thirty-dollar ($30 USD) charge will be assessed for all checks returned for "Not Sufficient Funds" (NSF). Return checks will cause account to be placed on a "Cash In Advance" status