Easy-to-use Wireless Collaboration and Presentation Solution.

Need to view your team’s ideas together and collaborate on an important project?

With the GwPresent, you can wirelessly stream content, up to 4K resolution, to your display from up to four of your devicessimultaneously. Show your content from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.





●Wireless Connection Platform
Windows, Mac, iOS and Andriod devices can be connected wirelessly –no dongle needed.
4K Support
With our GW-K1 Series Touch Display, you can let viewers wirelessly  present 4K content.
Built-in Wireless Access Point
Built-in WAP provides an additional wireless SSID signal for all users to  connect to.
Stay Connected to the Internet
The LAN port will allow the users to stay connected to the Internet.
125-User Queue
Up to 125 users can collaborate and give presentations from any device.
Outputs with Embedded Audio
The HDMI and VGA outputs allow connection to displays and combine audio with video for a truly dynamic collaborative experience.
Quadrant Display Collaboration
Allow up to four screens to be displayed simultaneously on a main display.
Interactive Control
With a highly sensitive interactive touch screen, our GW-K1 display gives a participant control over a presenter’s PC.
Onscreen Annotation
With the built-in annotation overlay and multi-touch function, users can write, draw and annotate together.
View Main Display
Users can view the main display on their own device.
Quick Connect and Present
Faster connections for first-time users and guests. Share and present any size file within seconds.
Guest Access without USB Token
IP address enables guest to give the wireless presentation without installing software or plug a USB token.
Remote Present Mode
Remote present mode enables participants in other locations to log in from a web browser to present on main screen from their mobile devices.