Technology Base: State-of-the-art semi-conductor. Conventional light bulbs.
Illuminating Life: 50,000 hours half life.
On average 10+ years.
On average a few thousand hours.
Reliability: High (typical with semi-conductors)
Vibration resistant.
Low (typical with light bulbs)
Susceptible to vibrations.
Power Consumption: 1W to 1.5W per pixel, maximum. 5W/8W per bulb (wedge base).
20W/32W per pixel (4 lamps).
Electricity Cost: 1X ~10X or more
Maintenance Cost: Preventive maintenance.  Requires regular servicing to replace failed lamps.
Costs can easily amount to more than $3.00 per lamp per year.
Weight: Lighter: lower cost for structure and installation. Heavier: higher cost for structure and installation.
Color Shades: 256 and up 256 maximum
Color Illumination: Pure and sharp, at narrow-band wavelength. Impure with painted color, at wide-band wavelength.
Resolution Quality: Excellent - smaller pixel spacing with
only one cluster per pixel.
Poor - larger pixel spacing with
4 lamps required per pixel.
Video Display: High definition at 60 frames/sec. Low definition at 5 frames/sec.
Software: Off-the-shelf: powerful, easy to use and learn, inexpensive. By manufacturer: expensive, difficult to learn, not easy to upgrade.