While the initial upfront cost of an electronic LED sign may be more than a traditional changeable copy sign, the benefits and savings that are gained from installing one is much more significant. More importantly, your signage is not just your identity to the public, but also an important tool to advertise, promote, and communicate yourself to your community.

Benefits of Electronic LED Sign over Traditional Signs

  • Greater viewing distance, especially at night. LED emits light which allows one inch of text to be viewed from 50 feet away. While one inch of standard non-reflective print text is viewable up to 32 feet away. You want to give your audience as much time and distance to read your message, especially if they are in a car.
  • Ability to display more messages. Electronic LED signs allow you to cycle through numerous and different messages.
  • Increase your visibility with transition and display styles, such as scroll, movements, etc.
  • Advance scheduling capability of messages.
  • Time saved from not having to manually change letters.
  • Money saved from not having to replace lost changeable copies.

Example of a Monument Sign with Traditional Changeable Copy Sign.

Example of a Monument Sign with an InfoView LED sign.
InfoView Model: PDA0416-4, 4 lines of 4" copy.