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LED Video Wall Solutions
When you watch a visually integrated performance or lesson, you’re used to projection screens and LCD walls. They’re still using today! The drawbacks are easy to see. We love LCD for what it can do, but there are times LED is better. Projection screens have a great nostalgic value, but they’re very much affected by ambient light. Upgrade to LED and replace old LCD for a smoother experience or choose it in the first place over a traditional projector.
LED Video Walls are becoming increasingly popular because of their brilliance, which isn’t dimmed in the slightest when you increase their size. LED technology is developing rapidly and drawing much attention.
COB Micro-LED Video Wall
GWF-A5C Series 0.9mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.9mm
SMD LED Video Wall
GWF-A4 Series 2.4mm 2.9mm 3.9mm 5.9mm”
Grandwell carries two types of fixed installation indoor LED video walls. The GWF-A5C Series COB(Chips-On-Board) Micro-LED video walls with pixels pitch from 0.6mm to 1.9mm. The COB micro-LED video walls are the new option for conference rooms, classrooms, and broadcast or TV stations. With the increase in interactive shopping, Grandwell upgraded and invested in the technology to convert your traditional video wall into an interactive wall. Both series are durable, as well as beautiful, and they’re easy to maintain. You can build a 4K resolution Ultra-High-Definition video wall.
The GWF-A4 Series SMD(Surface-Mounted-Device) LED video walls with pixels pitch range from 2.4mm to 6.2mm, are made for indoor advertising, make great monitoring displays, are incredible accent pieces for art studios.
The GWF-A8 Series LED video walls are easy to install and tear down for indoor or outdoor rental services. With a pixel pitch range from 2.8 mm to 4.8mm and panel dimensions of 19.7”x19.7” x 3.15” (weight only 16.5 lbs.).
Make Grandwell your provider for one-stop LED video wall solutions, including LED panels, video processors, HDMI AOC fiber optic cables, installation structure, and other accessories. We also provide personalized installation and content design services.
New Releases
GWF-A5C Series COB Micro-LED Video Walls
With a smaller pixel pitch (higher resolution) from 0.6mm to 1.9mm, higher definition, and better color consistency, the GWF-A5C is brilliant and clear; Compatible with 2K/4K/8K resolution; 16:9 aspect ratio standard panel; and the LED’s compartmentalized reliability - including stronger Impact resistance. It’s easy to install and easy to maintain.
WF-A4M Series Indoor SMD LED Video Walls
Designed for indoor advertising and marketing, the GWF-A4M enhances your experience at shopping malls, train stations, airports, exhibitions, and other event-based venues. Lightweight die-cast aluminum panels, weight 26LBS, dimension 3.28ft x 1.64ft x 2.4 inch (1000x500 x 60mm)
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GWF-A2 Series Outdoor Full-color LED Signs
  • •  GWF-A5C19, Pixel pitch 1.9mm, 600nits, Resolution 1280x720, Dimension 4.5‘H x 8’W, 16:9 aspect ratio diagonal length 110”, support synchronous and asynchronous control.
GWF-A2 Series Outdoor Full-color LED Signs
  • •  GWF-A5C19, Pixel pitch 1.9mm, 600nits, Resolution 1280x720, Dimension 4.5‘H x 8’W, 16:9 aspect ratio diagonal length 110”, support synchronous and asynchronous control