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 Display Solutions Since 1989
Display Solutions Since 1989
  • LED Billboards
  • High Resolution LED Displays
  • Full Color LED Signs
  • Red Matrix LED Signs
  • Gas Price LED Signs
  • Time and Temp LED Signs
  • Micro-COB LED Wall
  • All-in-one LED Wall
  • SMD LED Wall
  • Rental LED Display
  • Outdoor Digital Signage Kiosk
  • Indoor Digital Signage Kiosk
  • Indoor Heave Duty Touch Kiosks
  • Classroom Touch Board
  • Meeting Room Touch Board
  • Admax Desktop V5.06
  • Admax Cloud System
  • Mimplus Desktop V5.0
Digital Signage & Kiosks
Grandwell Interactive Digital Signage and Kiosks(GIDSK) are an incredible way to engage viewers. We love our traditional digital signs. There’s nothing more pleasant than the warm glow of digital, but a kiosk or interactive sign lets you gather data from your customer, and vice versa! Interactive was taken to the next level when we were able to put static content onto digital - images, videos, time, and temperature - using content management software, and that’s still available. Update your Digital Signage and Kiosks on the go and get updates in real-time as well.
GIDSK can integrate all of the features you love and have learned from existing digital signs - the advertising content, emergency warning information, or local community info, and still has customized functions because it looks and works a lot like your smartphone. Smartphones and tablets are well within our comfort zones, and we want more stuff like it. So do your customers. They’re excited to experience touch screen interaction on kiosks and street furniture. APP, GIDSK is a large-format smartphone in a public space, which is simple and easy to use. It’s got the same brilliant imagery and enhanced visual appearance. The fact that your viewer already knows what to do (and you are offering it larger than life) leaves a great impression! They have a wide range of applications, intelligent city streets, bus stations, airports, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants. In a couple of years, everyone is going to be using them.
Our models have remote control and fully remote management functions. Power on/off, computer system switch, device temperature monitoring, and other conventional processes. You can also choose to add cameras, monitor environmental information, PM2.5, water ingress, the flow of vehicles and people, and get a feel for what’s going on around your sign and how people are reacting to it!
With the integration and development of technology, GIDSK is not only a signage or kiosk, but it also lets you interact and gather data, and in its downtime, still plays media advertisements.