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Display Solutions Since 1989
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GWF-A2M Series LED Display is using the latest LED technology, designed for outdoor billboards and signs. GWF-A2M series LED display pixel pitch has 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 16mm, brightness has from 6500nits to 10000nits, meet different market needs.

GWF-A2M series LED display with standard module 12.6”x12.6” (320mmx320mm), Standard cabinet 3.15’x3.15’ (960x960mm), 4.2’x3.15’ (1280x960mm). We provide customized services based on module dimensions.

GWF-A2M series LED display can use multi-options of communication, ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, Wireless Bridge, 4G. We provide an LED control system for windows, a cloud-based system for content management and display monitoring, remote real-time control. You can access with PC, tablets, or mobile phones at any time to manage your devices.

Certificate: ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS

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Product Features

True Color and Energy Saving
•  281 Trillion Colors
•  Grey Level 14-16 Bit
•  High Contrast
•  Customizable 1920/2880/3840Hz Refresh Rate
•  Ambient Light Sensors for Maximized Comfort
•  Low Power Consumption, Environmentally Friendly. Pixel Pitch 10mm LED Display, Avg Consumption Only 12W/sqft
Industrial Grade and Weatherproof
•  Stablest Parallel Design
•  Waterproof Modules, Display Protection Grade of IP65
•  No Fans in Cabinet
•  Series-A Gold Wire LEDs with 4-Layer PCB. UL-Certified Power Supplies and Cables
Light Weight and Easy to Install
•  Aluminum Cabinet Thickness of Only 3.58”
•  Standard Cabinet Weighs 6.4 lbs/sqft, Cabinet Weighs between 42 lbs to 84 lbs
•  Cost-Efficient Shipping/Installation
•  Easy Installation
•  Customized steel structure designs and manufacturing services.
Remote Monitoring and Control
•  Remote On/Off
•  Remotely Monitor the Current/Voltage and Calculate Power Consumption
•  Record the Ambient Temperature, Brightness and Display Status
•  Monitor Abnormal movement, vibration, and noise
•  GPS Positioning
•  Send Display Alert Messages to Managers.
User-Friendly Admax Software
Admax LED Display Control System for Windows PC is an easy-to-use software developed by Grandwell for the end-user.
•  Content Management Includes editing the Text, Picture, Video, Clock, Date, Timer, RSS, etc.
•  Create Playlists
•  Schedule Program
•  Schedule On/Off
Admax Cloud System
We provide a Cloud Service through that controls display and manages contents. You can access the devices with PC, Tablets, or Mobile Phones at any time.
•  Wired Ethernet, Cellular Communication, Wireless Bridge, or Fiber Optic
•  Secured data
•  Smart Dashboard
•  Statistical Analysis

Choosing Best Pixel Pitch for Your Outdoor LED Displays

Pixel Pitch Minimum Viewing Distance Optimum Viewing Distance Grandwell Products Model
4mm 13ft(4m) 26~39ft(8~12m) GWF-A2MB04 GWF-A3MB04
5mm 16ft(5m) 33~66ft(10~20m) GWF-A2LB05 GWF-A3GB05
6mm 20ft(6m) 39~78ft(12~24m) GWF-A2LB06 GWF-A2MB06 GWF-A3GB06
8mm 26ft(8m) 52~78ft(16~24m) GWF-A2LB08 GWF-A2MB08 GWF-A3GB08
10mm 33ft(10m) 66~98ft(20~30m) GWF-A2LB10 GWF-A2MB10 GWF-A3GB10 GWF-A2LA10 GWF-A2MA10
16mm 52ft(16m) 105~158ft(32~48m) GWF-A2LA16 GWF-A2MA16 GWR16
20mm 65ft(20m) 150~197ft(46~60m) GWF-A2LA20 GWR20


Model No. A2MB04 A2MB06 A2MB08 A2MB10 A2MA10 A2MA16
Pixel Pitch 4.44 mm 6.66 mm 8.88mm 10mm 10.66 mm 16 mm
Module Dimensions 12.6” X 12.6” (320 x 320 mm)
Module Resolution 72 x 72 48 x 48 36 x 36 32 x 32 30 x 30 20 x 20
Standard Cabinet Cabinet A: Dimension 50.4” x 37.8” x 3.8” , weight 84 lbs. ;
Cabinet B: Dimension 37.8” x 37.8” x 3.8” , weight 63 lbs.
Waterproof Front: IP65 Back: IP54
Service Access Front, Rear
Compliant Standard ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty 5 years Limited Warranty
Remark: Power consumption tolerance: ±15%, according to the actual situation. Specifications are for reference only. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our salesperson for details. All rights reserved to GRANDWELL.
5-Years Warranty
•  Failed LED Modules will be Repaired or Replaced for 5 Years
•  Free Software Training
•  Lifetime Technical Support
•  Inventory Tracking and Quality Control Management
Maintenance Management Services
•  Equipment and Facility Management
•  Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Regular Inspection
•  Online Monitoring, Record Various Status and Send Alert Messages
•  Operation Reports
Content Management Support Services
•  We provide content management and design support services to maximize the value of all customers’ displays.
•  Support Customers to Build CMS (Content Management Systems)
•  Design Services, Pictures, Animations, and Video Productions