GW-R series P16 Red Only MIMPLUS Premier

Red Only Outdoor LED Signs

Product Profile

GW-R Red only LED Signs are GRANDWELL’s longest selling line of electronic LED signage. These models of electronic LED signs were designed for effectiveness and value. Red Only electronic signs are simple to install and require a minimal amount of maintenance. In addition, the Red Only electronic sign is packed full of functionalities and capabilities that will make these LED signs be seen by people far and wide.

The outdoor electronic LED sign can stand alone as a single electronic sign or be networked together as a system of electronic message centers. These outdoor electronic signs are based on a modular construction, which allows for a variety of sizes and dimensions. Furthermore, these outdoor LED signs are weather resistant and are designed to handle harsh environmental conditions, such as sun glare, heat, rain, snow, cold, and humidity.


  • Versatile and Effective
  • Great Durability & High Reliability
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Energy Efficient
  • Enhanced Brightness and Contrast
  • Weather Resistant Construction
  • Shows Graphics & Animations
  • 160°Viewing Angle
  • Stores 100+ Pages of Messages
  • Mounting Kit & Cables Included
  • MIM Plus Premier Software Included
  • Network-able


Pitch: 20mm / 0.8".
Pixel Color: Red.
Brightness: up to 8,000 NIT.
Viewing Angle:70° horizontal, 35° vertical.
Memory: 496KB.
Power : 120VAC ±10%, 50-60Hz.
Operating Temperature Range: 5°F to 120°F
Humidity Range: 5% to 95%.
Supported Communication Types:

  • Direct wire via fiber optics or RS485 cable.
  • TCP/IP LAN connection
  • Landline telephone modem.
  • 3G/4G Cellular modem.
  • Wireless RF.

  • GW-R series P16-1-002
  • GW-R series P16-1-003
  • GW-R series P16-1-004
  • GW-R series P16-1-005
  • GW-R series P16-1-006
  • GW-R series P16-1-007
  • GW-R series P16-1-008
  • GW-R series P16-1-009
  • GW-R series P16-1-010
  • GW-R series P16-1-011

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