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If you’re like most pastors, you’ve tried different methods to advertise your church but few visitors are brought in. The time feels right to try something bold and make a statement about your church. Digital signage are being exploited by pastors today to give them a most cost-effective means to reach their communities and a most powerful way to build relationship with their people.


–Churches See the Light

Engage your community with daily messages that connect to the needs of people. The church owner can advertise the church’s name, ideals, and principles using the display signs. Outdoor LED signs are a great tool to catch the attention of those in need that are driving by or walking outside your venue. When there is a message to pass across during other days of the week and not the exact prayer day, putting up a full color led sign will easily attract attention and summon members to get the message. The custom led signs can give more than one message within a few seconds, which is preferable to the traditional signs that gave just one message at a time.


–No need to create a different stage

Whether you are organizing a sermon series and need an influencing backdrop or your worship ministry team is creating and implementing activities and need impacting graphics and lyrics, LED video walls are a great tool to save setup time and money for your church. With LED video walls you can simply display any contents for your every special event. The brightness of LED display system allows you to have a dynamic themed stage every time and your teams is ready to go without worrying about dealing with a lot of ambient light from big windows.


–No worries about where to place the projector

More and more churches are moving from projectors to video walls. The reasons are numerous. First, much more flexibility with lighting. A bright room would wash out most projectors image, while video walls can always be seen. Second, no need to worry about where to place the projector. Third, less maintenance cost. The costs of maintaining projectors quickly add up, with bulbs being very expensive and cleaning hard-to-reach projectors time-consuming.

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