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In order to meet the need of customers for large and high-definition screen, Grandwell adopt LCD seamless splicing technology and launched the GW-K9 series product which have Ultra-narrow bezel, high resolution and Super-wide viewing angle.Especially, K9 Splicing Screen offer the Matrix control so that customer can combine screens arbitrarily and no need to worry about Piciture quality. K9 Splicing Screens are well suited to apply in almost all industries such as traffic guidance, stage performance, vedio conference, Exhibition Center and Security monitoring.


  • Stunning Splicing Experience
  • Exquisite HD Picture Quality
  • Multiple Control

Stunning Splicing Experience
Ultra-narrow bezel: Seamless splicing creates a huge screen to offer you fresh visual experience.Accustomed splicing: Matrix control for easy splicing, screen combination at your will. Perfect screen splitting: Automatic dislocation compensation, perfect seamless splicing.

Exquisite HD Picture Quality
Wonderful control: Uniform picture quality on multiple screens, offering you realistic viewing experience on a “huge screen”. High resolution: Delicate screen resolution, zoom pictures as you like.High brightness: Display on high brightness screens, providing excellent viewing experience and perception . Super-wide viewing angle: 178° viewing angle gives wonderful experience.

Multiple Control
Abundant control ports, optional control modes.

 Image Denoising Technology
UHS Moving Picture
High Transmittance

ADSDS Panel Super-wide Viewing Angle

  • GW-K9-55BH001 Splicing Display

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Intelligent management, easy and convenient

Managing multiple displays via cable,3G,4G,WAN and LAN; One click to release,inter - cut,timing,update AD