GW-K2-110 4K

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The K2 Superb visual series brings an unbelievable visual experience to your audience. The higher the resolution, the more pixels packed into a display -- and thus the crisper and more lifelike the image. With top-rate sound and picture quality, you can enjoy images as vivid as an IMAX movie in the theater. The K2 Superb Visual series can be applied to museum exhibitions, luxury products displays for maximum effect.


  • Thin, Light and Fashionable
  • Simple User Interface Design
  • Top-grade IndustryDesign
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Super-wide viewing angle
The 4K high definition display allows you to have a panoramic view of detailsin each picture. ADSDS technology(Advanced Super Dimension Switch technology) represents the latest technology in the LCD industry. ADSDS provides a wide viewing angle--up to 180 degrees vertically and horizontally--and ultra-high color expressiveness.Minimalist UI design makes for aesthetic interfaces and eliminates redundant operations. Excellent sound effects and multi-level expressions across various ranges bring an auditory tour de force.Simple and sober design style contributes to its light, fashionable and good-looking features.With the highest refresh rate, brightness and contrast, K2 Superb Visual is best applied in restaurants,retail stores,schools,hospitalsand home theaters.
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