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Remember the movie“Minority Report”? Were you astonished by the transparent computer screens that Tom Cruise used? If so, you’ll love this cutting-edge GRANDWELL K6 transparent display. You can show your product with advertising video playing on the transparent K6 screen.


  • High transparency
  • Adjustable transparency
  • Smart Control
  • Wide viewing angle
  • FHD Picture Quality
  • Multiple Playback Modes
  • Built-in Multimedia Release System
  • Unlimited Screen Splitting Options
The GW –K6 Transparent Display allows adjustment of transparency level that achieves both realistic and nearly magical effects. The super ADSDS panel is resistant to pushing and pressing. It fullydisplays natural colors and has super-wide viewing angles--up to 180 degrees vertically and horizontally, allowing clear and smooth display of delicate FHD pictures for a wonderful experience.The integrated module allows easy assembly and disassembly, and contains one-key switches between different multimedia ports.Multi-touch function makes interaction control a piece of cake.The K6 is best usedin exclusive shopping malls, museums, exhibition halls, and in the home.
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