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Display Solutions Since 1989
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Smart Displays and AV Products Provider

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality intelligent displays and related audiovisual products. We have a strong software development team that can give the customers commercial-grade display solutions, software support, and development services while supporting various devices and engineering functions. Expand your capabilities.
We are developing more software companies as long-term partners. We can provide hardware manufacturing and a better combination of your software and hardware to achieve the maximum impact with your new technology.
In smart cities, interactive classrooms, and modern churches, the combination of digital displays, software, and content creation is becoming more and more critical. While focusing on high-quality products, we streamlined software development support and services for customers to obtain more business opportunities in the new era.

New Releases

GWF-A2M Series Energy-Saving LED Billboards and Signs
Your message is high impact, low maintenance, and to the point. Grandwell’s GWF-A2M series pixel pitch has five options 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 16mm, brightness from 6500 nits to 10000 nits, to meet different market needs. The lightweight cabinet is only 6.4 lbs./sq ft., making it easy for shipping and installation. Industrial Grade and Weatherproof, it’s manufactured with Series-A Gold Wire LEDs with 4-Layer PCB and fanless cooling. The GWF-A2M comes with its content management system- the Admax desktop software and cloud-based system.
GWF-A5C Series Chip On Board Micro-LED Video Walls
With a smaller pixel pitch (higher resolution) from 0.6mm to 1.9mm, higher definition, and better color consistency, the GWF-A5C is brilliant and clear. LED display compatible with 2K/4K/8K resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio standard panel, and LED’s compartmentalized reliability - including stronger Impact resistance. It’s easy to install and easy to maintain.
Admax V5.06 LED Signs Control System V5.06 Release
The Admax Desktop Version 5.0 has dramatically improved upon the previous Admax V3.0. It supports Windows 7/8/10 and can access all installed Windows fonts. You gave us feedback on how you work with it, and we listened. With more intuitive content editing and a revamped user-friendly interface, you can create even more. Make and Preview Playlists with the updated Zoom function. Add on Webpages and RSS links, and Timers. Dayparting is becoming increasingly valuable, and we have an updated scheduler to match.

Monthly Special

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GWF-A2 Series Outdoor Full-color LED Signs
•  Pixel pitch 10mm, Resolution 32x224, Dimension: 15”1/2H x 91”W x 5”1/2D, only 1 pc. (SP07, New)
•  Pixel pitch 16mm, Resolution 48x96, Dimension: 30“1/8H x 60“1/4 W x 7”1/8D, only 1 pc. (SP11, New)
•  Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 48x112, Dimension: 43“5/8H x 94“1/4 W x 7”5/8D, only 1 pc. (SP10, New)
•  Pixel pitch 16mm, Resolution 64x64, Dimension: 40“1/4H x 40“1/4 W x 5”1/4D, only 2 pc. (SP09, New)
•  Pixel pitch 16mm, Resolution 64x128, Dimension: 40“1/4H x 80“1/2 W x 5”1/4D, only 1 pc. (SP09, New)
•  Pixel pitch 16mm, Resolution 40x160, Dimension: 25“1/4H x 100”3/4 W x 7”1/4D, only 2 pcs. (SP05, New)
•  Pixel pitch 10mm, Resolution 96x320, Dimension: 37“H x 126” W x 7”1/4D, only 1 pc. (SP06, Refurbished)
GWR Series Outdoor Dynamic Red LED Signs
•  GWR16, Pixel pitch 16mm, Resolution 16x64, Dimension: 14”H x 46”W, only 10 pcs. (SP20, New)
•  GWR20, Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 32x96, Dimension: 29”H x 81” W, only 2 pcs. (SP01, New)
•  GWR20, Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 32x96, Dimension: 29”H x 81” W, only 1 pc. (SP02, Refurbished)
•  GWR20, Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 32x112, Dimension: 29”H x 95” W, only 2 pcs. (SP19, Refurbished)
•  GWR20, Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 48x96, Dimension: 41”H x 81” W, only 1 pc. (SP08, New)
•  GWR20, Pixel pitch 20mm, Resolution 48x128, Dimension: 41”H x 106” W, only 1 pc. (SP18, New)